Scott juceam

Scott Juceam

Scott Juceam is a Southern California businessman and a leading advocate for the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome (also known as abusive head trauma). Scott has dedicated a large portion of his life to spreading awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome, so that the risks it poses can be minimized. The syndrome occurs when a child or infant is shaken to the point of sustained physical harm, and in the most extreme cases, death.

In addition to his dedication to the prevention of abusive head trauma, Scott is also outspoken about ensuring that Shaken Baby Syndrome is correctly identified in the court system. In recent years, there have been several cases of false “expert” witnesses who have taken the stand in courtrooms, and stated in testimonies that Shaken Baby Syndrome is not real. These testimonies have allowed guilty people to get off freely, and contradict the majority of the scientific community’s opinion on the matter.

Scott’s passionate advocacy stems from his personal experience in the matter. In May of 2006, Scott’s infant daughter, Hannah, became unconscious while under the care of a nanny. The nanny reported shaking Hannah in order to wake her up, but sadly, she passed away in the hospital shortly after.